Job Security versus Passion

Growing up we are indirectly or directly taught the basics about having a career. You know, go to school, study a subject/trade, graduate and find a job along the same path. What I have found however in my years working, or as I like to call it Hustling; is that we all don’t live by the same rules. Some of us will thread the path of a career based on our education, while some of us will make a career out of things we love to do, while some of us will just stumble upon a career based on necessity.

The challenge is those things we love to do don’t always translate to what we end up doing for a living. In fact, it may or may not make us as much money as things that are practical to do to earn a living. So the question that comes to mind is, what would you choose? A career that offers you job security and pays the bills efficiently even if it’s something you don’t enjoy or a career doing something you are passionate about even if you are not sure it will make you as much money?

This question is one I have battled with for many years. I have always worked in a field that offers a service to others. Though I enjoy what I do, I’m sometimes left feeling partially fulfilled and one reason I would blame is the fact that a big part of me wants to concentrate on building my brand without running helter skelter trying to satisfy someone else. Not that I mind but there are only 24hrs in a day and trying to juggle yours and theirs can be a huge task that pretty much sucks up your entire day. I pretty much want to do me without any distractions.

When I started considering this, I couldn’t help but wonder about other people’s stories, journey etc. Those who gave up Job security to pursue their dreams. I wonder what their story is and how their decision panned out. I also wonder about those who hate their job but still go back every day. I wonder if I’m just a rebel and no one else reasons like me. I tend to do what my heart wants almost all the time. So far it has paid off but what if God forbid it did not? As you read this I want you to ask yourself if you are truly satisfied with what you do for a living. Is the career you have chosen Job security, your passion, or is it both? and If you could change anything about your current career situation, what would it be?

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